COVID19 – Bentham Moving Forward

Many people in Bentham are self-isolating to avoid spreading or catching coronavirus (CV). Others are volunteering to help people cope with the challenge of being stuck at home.

Bentham Moving Forward (BMF) is a group of local organisations; it has created a system for matching needs with volunteers.

BMF has published a booklet explaining how the system works. Click the picture to read it or click here to open 4 page booklet


If you are interested in volunteering, make sure you read the information on page 2 of the booklet first.


Then you can either

1. Get in touch directly with someone you know to offer your help. Phone, text or email if available, or fill in this postcard (click to download/print) and pop it in their letter-box.


2. Fill in the form on page 4 of the booklet, or if you prefer you can submit the on-line version below.


I’d like to help

Where possible we will match you with a person/people living close to you.

General Data Protection Regulation

Information on our database is strictly confidential. We do not pass on any personal data about you to outside organisations and/or individuals without your express personal consent.