Extra Letter – re Pg 17 Feb 2019 Bentham News

Dear Bentham News,

In response to my critics can I simply point out that the Earth either cools or warms, it always has done and will continue to do so irrespective of the activities of mankind. The warming periods of the past always coincided with advances in human civilisation whereas significant cooling, such as during the Dark Ages, impeded human progress.

It is an under reported fact but a fact nonetheless that the biomass of the planet has significantly increased over the last several decades due to slowly rising temperatures and increasing levels of CO2 which when combined act as a huge fertiliser effect for the plant life of the Earth and you would have thought that given their name the ‘greens’ would be delighted with this. Put simply CO2 is plant food not a pollutant.

If global temperatures returned to ‘pre-industrial levels’ we would once again be in a mini-ice age which would result in crop failures, food shortages and mass starvation in many parts of the globe as well as winter death rates going through the roof as 10 times more people die due to cold weather than warm. Is this what the ‘greens’ want as logic dictates that if they are against warming then they must be for cooling? Somebody from their movement needs to state what temperature level they would be happy with instead of constantly complaining whatever the climate does and blaming mankind or more specifically western capitalism for what is an entirely natural phenomenon.

As for the polar bears they are doing just fine, indeed the Inuit in Canada are demanding that the number of hunting licences should be increased to control their numbers (source The Guardian 13/11/2018)

John Learmonth

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