There are really interesting, and potentially life-changing projects available in the Craven area, thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.  One is called “Positive Progressions” and is aimed at households with at least one child under 18 years old. The other is called “Action Towards Inclusion”.  Anyone living in the Craven area, Harrogate, Selby and York and who meet the criteria can join the projects.  Participants must be unemployed or economically inactive, legally resident in the UK and would like support to move towards or to gain employment.  

Both projects can provide you with long-term mentoring support from Key Workers while you search for training, education or employment.  They can also help you with your Maths and English, vocational training, work experience, debt advice, crisis resolution skills, household management, healthy eating on a budget and computer skills for beginners. There is a whole list of fascinating possibilities!

Don’t let Bentham and our rural area miss out on this opportunity. Telephone 01756 693 309 to let them know you’re interested.  Why not do it now?