Bentham’s Poppy Projects

Bentham’s Poppy Projects – Crochet And Knitting Patterns To Download (see link below)

Plans For Low Bentham

By Sharon Haslam and Michaela Gorden

November 11th this year will be the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI and we would like to inform Bentham News readers about Low Bentham’s Poppy Project.  A small group of volunteers are crocheting, knitting and sewing poppies, which will be placed in an area in Low Bentham. We are hoping to use the Rose Garden on Burton Road, Low Bentham where we will decorate a tree and build a raised bed that will be filled with poppies. We hope to encourage the community to be involved by growing poppies, or other red plants as poppies will not be out in November, in any type of container i.e. old wellingtons, walking boots, be wild and wacky, then place them on or near the doorstep. There are other ways you could be involved by donating soil, poppy red or black wool, chicken wire, and of course making the poppies. This will be an opportunity to remember the lives that were lost during WWI.  If you are interested in helping then email me on or Michaela on

Plans For High Bentham

By Sue Halsall and Shirley Brown

In High Bentham we intend making a poppy display like the one that many people will have seen pictures of at the Tower of London, although obviously ours will be on a much smaller scale! The photo-shopped photo in April’s Bentham News gives an idea of what we’re aiming at. So we are asking people to knit or crochet poppies, which will be attached artistically into a display later in the year. Free knitting or crochet patterns are available from ‘Temptations’ when you buy your wool, or they can be downloaded from the link below…

In a few months’ time we’ll arrange for somewhere central where the poppies can be gathered together. Watch this space!

Poppy Pattern – Crochet

Poppy Pattern – Knitted