Electric car and bike event, 28th September

Come to Bentham Playing Fields on Saturday 28th September (12-3pm) and find out about electric personal transport. BEST (Bentham Environmentally Sustainable Town) has lined up a selection of electric cars and bikes, and you can ask their owners about them; you can even try out an e-bike!

Why should you be interested? Because the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered! It’s not that oil is running out. Far from it: the oil giants already have vast reserves, are seeking more, and would like to pump it forever. If they do, and we burn it, then life on earth will fry. Around a quarter of the carbon dioxide being added to the atmosphere comes from transport.

In a world dependent on transport, electric power is the easiest short-term fix. Battery-electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer niche products for the committed eco-warrior. New models are appearing every month, the distance they can go is increasing, and for those longer journeys, the network of fast charge-points is growing rapidly. They are also nice to drive – cheap, very quiet, very relaxing.

EVs charged from renewable electricity cause no pollution. But a lot of energy goes into making them, all the way from extracting minerals from the ground, to freighting the car to your local dealer. So another part of greening the way we travel is to use cars less. E-bikes make cycling quick and (almost) effortless, so for short trips it becomes a realistic and attractive alternative to the car.

Join us on the 28th for a glimpse of the future!