Patient Representative Group Meeting Minutes – Thurs 17th April 2019

Bentham Medical Practice

Wednesday 17th April 2019  14:00

  1. Present: Lorraine Crossley –Close, Danny Conroy, Sandra Kay, Judith Nicol, Jonathan Scott and Janet Hamid.
  2. Apologies: Sharon Rucastle, Tony Hudson, Gerda Southwell, Bronwen Osborne, Lin Barrington and Andrea Tuohy
  3. The minutes were approved.
  4. Matters Arising
  • Jonathan will give an update on the Dementia group at the AGM on 23rd May.
  • Lorraine was invited by Keith Hartley to look at Housing and Care 21 accommodation in Leyburn. She was very impressed with the facilities and hopefully the new development in Bentham will be similar.
  1. Correspondence
  • We have received an email from a patient interested in the PRG. Hopefully more will follow.
  1. Surgery Update
  • The replacement doctor for Karen Evans will not be taking up the post.
  • The surgery is advertising for another practice nurse.
  • We currently have a practice nurse on a 3 month contract.
  • Dr Martin will be arriving in June.
  • Dr Dean John (FY2) has now left.
  • The practice is hoping to place 2-3 posts a week on the new Facebook page. There are 2 more people being made editors to help contribute.
  • The surgery hopes to obtain the views of the PRG on what we think “continuity of care” means and suggestions on how this can be improved.
  • The practice received 30-40 appointment cancellations from patients using the MyGP app – this will hopefully help in reducing the number of missed appointments.
  • The Newsletter is to be completed after Easter.
  • The Dementia group has been running for over a year now and is beginning to gain momentum and making Bentham and district a place where people living with dementia are understood, respected and supported. The group has been approaching businesses locally and has been successful in gaining their support. Jonathan has presented a number of certificates to local businesses.  Nationwide Dementia Week starts on 23rd May and each business will display a fact about dementia.
  • The AGM for the Dementia Group is on Tuesday 4th June at 2:00pm.
  • The new phone system will be installed mid-May. Any feedback on what people would like from the system is welcomed as this is a fluid installation.
  • All the chairs at the Bentham and Ingleton practices will be replaced over the next few weeks.
  • Patient questionnaires will be produced for this autumn and a PRG suggestion box will be placed at both practices.
  1. Nurturing Neighbourhoods (Lorraine) – There has been no notification of the next meeting yet.
  2. Date for approving the minutes (Danny) – In order for the minutes to be sent to the local newsletters earlier it was agreed that the minutes will be sent to the group as an email attachment and if there are no changes suggested after 2 weeks then they will be taken as approved. Danny will also approach the other local newsletters in the area.
  3. AOB

Any items for the next agenda to Danny at least 1 week before the next meeting.

 Please note the Times for the next meetings:
23rd  May – 7:00pm           AGM

27th  June – 7:00pm

5th September– 7:00pm

7th November – 2:00pm