Patient Representative Group Meeting Minutes – Thurs 7th Feb 2019

Bentham Medical Practice

Thursday 7th February 2019 at 2:00pm


Present: Lorraine Crossley–Close, Danny Conroy, Jonathan Scott, Gerda Southwell, Diane Faraday-Williams and Sharon Rucastle.  Janet Hamid arriving at 2:30pm.

  1. Apologies: Sandra Kay, Andrea Tuohy, Jill Noble, Tony Hudson, Bronwen Osborne and Lin Barrington.
  2. The minutes were approved.
  3. Matters Arising
    Lorraine has moved to Nether Kellet but is continuing in all her roles, including Nurturing Neighbourhoods and is to write to Marion.
  4. Correspondence
    Only 2 people have shown interest in joining the PRG group. Separate slips are to be added to questionnaires/surveys to try and gain more interest.
  5. Surgery Update
  • The replacement for Karen will be starting after Easter and will be coming from the Kendal Practice.
  • Dr Heather Walker left in October 2017 and is being replaced for 2 days a week by Dr Maria Martin.
  • The practice will be retaining the current locums.
  • Dr. Dean John (FY2) joined in December and will be remaining till Easter.
  • Dr. Chris Sweeney (ST2) has joined for a year.
  • There has been an increase in the numbers signing up to the surgery Facebook page.
  • More patients have been signing up to the MyGP App. The next step will be for the PreGP app which will allow a patient to make an appointment with a doctor but can suggest an alternative and the patient can cancel the appointment if required.
  • IT solutions will continue to improve with the introduction of APEX which will allow managers to interrogate appointment bookings and check on utilisation. This will be linked to INSIGHT so managers can look ahead e.g. check where appointments might be short in the future.
  • NHS England is creating a programme to improve continuity of care and Morecambe Bay CCG is one of five that have been accepted. They are asking which practices want to be involved – the list is currently at 7.
  • Integrated Care Community (ICC) – meet to discuss improving integrated care.
  • South Lakes Alliance are working to improve GP practices.
  • The Bentham and District dementia group will be arranging their next meeting, hopefully in March
  • The second phase of The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS2) will see almost all prescriptions processed electronically, even for patients without a nominated dispenser. The patient nominates the chemist after the scripts have gone to a central repository.
  • With the introduction of ERD (Electronic Repeat Dispensing), GPs can prescribe up to 13 months ahead, which saves time. The scripts go to a central area.
  • The practice will be ordering a new phone system which will provide a number of new features e.g. call queuing system and allow more helpful messages to be used.
  1. AOB
  • Danny will contact Ingleborough Nursing Home to ask for a new contact as Wendy is leaving. Lorraine can provide information if required.
  • Action Plan group to meet on Thursday 28th February at 2:00pm
    Next meeting on 17th April at 2:00pm – this is a change from the planned meeting on 18th.