Patient Representative Group Meeting Minutes – Wednesday 19th February 2020

Wednesday 19th February 2020 2:00pm

Present: Lorraine Crossley –Close, Danny Conroy, Jill Noble, Liz Ryan and Judith Nicol

Apologies: Jonathan Scott, Diane Faraday, Bronwen Osborne, Gerda Southwell, Sharon Rucastle and Andrea Tuohy

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday December 12th 2019 were approved.


  1. Matters Arising
  • Lorraine has now become the chair of quality and patient experience group.
  • We will review in June the prescription service in Bentham and raise any issues.
  1. Correspondence
    • We had an enquiry from a patient who is interested in becoming a member of the group – Danny to email him the minutes.
    • We had some feedback from a recent patient who stayed at the newly renovated Castleberg Hospital in Settle and they were very impressed with the facilities and the accommodation.
  2. Surgery Update

    Staff Update:
  • Hannah Beard (Chiropractor) is extending her hours on a Monday to accommodate more clients
  • Andrea and Sue have retired and there has been a good response to the advert.
  • Carol (Phlebotomist) is leaving at end of March.
  • Dr Charlotte Choo Fon is here until end of March to be replaced by next FY2 trainee Dr Natalie Kyrtata
  • Nurse Beth is training in contraception which will help Nurse Meg who has been the only nurse able to prescribe (of course GPs can).

PLT (Protected Learning Times) Dates confirmed for next year until March 2021

TV Series will not be taken up by the BBC but may be C4?!

  1. Agenda Items

Bowland View:
The naming ceremony for Bowland View has been cancelled due to the weather conditions but will hopefully be on 25th March.

Airedale have now stated that they will not be sponsoring any beds for step up step down care which was very disappointing – they will be reviewing the situation.

Lorraine is continuing to apply pressure to both Airedale and Morecambe Bay CCG as to the importance of step up step down beds in the local area. She will hopefully be having a meeting in the near future with Jerry Hawker (Chief Officer for Morecambe Bay CCG).

Dianne Smith:
Dianne has been invited to the AGM on 21st May. Dianne is Matron for Dementia at UHMBT. Her role is to manage the Care of the Elderly Teams, ensure person centred, safe and dignified care is delivered throughout the trust by training and development of staff, and to ensure that appropriate dementia friendly environments and high quality standards are maintained.

Bentham Dementia Friendly Group have also been invited to the AGM.

  1. AOB
    • We have all been asked to consider what we would like the PRG to do for the next year.
    • Volunteer drivers to Lancaster hospital are to be given free parking as the car park system is installing automatic car registration recognition which will make this easier.
  1. Next Meetings

AGM 21st May 7:00pm

4th June

3rd September

3rd December

Any further items for the next agenda to Danny at least 1 week before the next meeting