August 2018 issue contents


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All the regular news, plus:

  • Regular Feature: People of Bentham – Gwen Jessop
  • Regular Feature: Garden
  • Regular Feature: Nature Notes
  • Regular Feature: Pioneer Projects – Bridge that gap and get connected
  • Regular Feature: Nature – what to look for in August
  • Regular Feature: Lest we Forget – Edward Ramskill
  • Regular Feature: Lest we Forget – Richard Wearing
  • Regular Feature: Mandy’s Blog
  • Regular Feature: Letters
  • Regular Feature: Peoples Page / Personal Thanks
  • Regular Feature: Craven Concerns
  • Regular Feature: Events
  • Regular Feature: Police News
  • Regular Feature: Bentham Community Primary School
  • Regular Feature: Walks
  • Regular Feature: Age Concern Report
  • Article: Local Crew for National Incident
  • Article: A Farmer’s View
  • Article: The Summer in Bentham
  • Article: Bentham Community Library – Get creative at comic workshop
  • Article: Towards November 11th 2018
  • Article: Bentham Area Refugee Support Group
  • Article: Scoliosis Awareness Day
  • Article: Churches Together – Hospitality
  • Article: News from our Neighbours
  • Article: Useful North Craven Directory
  • Article: Recycling more waste in Craven
  • Article: In memory of Martin Leeming
  • Article: Bentham’s Riverside Is Camping Awards Finalist
  • Article: Plant Trees and Save the Planet
  • Article: Bubbilicious Fun!
  • Article: Memorial Ceremony
  • Article: Enter Bentham Agricultural Show!
  • Reports: WI
  • Reports: Town Council

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