March 2020 issue contents

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All the regular news, plus:

  • Regular Feature: People of Bentham – Joyce Knapp
  • Regular Feature: Garden
  • Regular Feature: Nature – what to look for…
  • Regular Feature: Letters/Peoples Page, Notices, Personal Thanks
  • Regular Feature: Events
  • Regular Feature: Walks
  • Regular Feature: Age Concern
  • Regular Feature: Bentham Community Primary School
  • Regular Feature: Nature Notes
  • Regular Feature: Mandy’s Food Blog
  • Regular Feature: Pioneer Projects
  • Regular Feature: News from the Friends of Bentham Station
  • Regular Feature: Bentham Film Group
  • Reports: Town Council Meeting
  • Reports: Police News
  • Reports: WI
  • Article: Cinderella
  • Article: Defenders in Concert – Not to be missed
  • Article: Farmers don’t dance in Bentham
  • Article: Shakey Bridge Footpath: Amazing Story
  • Article: Ewecross Historical Society
  • Article: No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark
  • Article: Springfield Bowling Club
  • Article: The Moon Gazing hare: A Fable
  • Article: Saturday Swims and Splashing Tots
  • Article: Dementia Update
  • Article: Hip Joint Debut Success!
  • Article: Bentham Older People Together
  • Article: Community Link Café
  • Article: Carnival Update
  • Article: Community Policing and the Co-op
  • Article: Damage at Low Bentham Playing Field
  • Article: Ever thought of joining a choir?

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